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Texas Eco Blasting LLC is your solution when you need sandblasting or power washing.  We are a 100% mobile, 100% self-contained sandblasting service company. A family-owned, local business, we pride ourselves on being responsible, reliable members of our community.  We are committed to protecting the environment while still providing you with the best quality services.  That means that we use the greenest, cleanest methods to prepare your surfaces.  We work quickly so that you are ready for the next step. We also focus on exceeding expectations. 

President of Texas Eco Blasting

Whether you need cleaning or surface preparation, we can help.  We can remove virtually any coating from any surface.  That includes dirt, paint, rust, stains, vinyl coatings, and more.  You can use us to prepare items for restoration or just for deep cleaning to keep your surfaces looking new.

The best thing about being a mobile blasting company is that we come to you.  We can clean almost anything, and we can handle it at your site.  We provide residential, commercial, industrial, automotive, and marine services.

Why use Texas Eco Blasting LLC mobile blasting service? We can handle all of your sandblasting and power washing needs.  From graffiti removal to commercial fleet vehicle cleaning, we take care of it all.


Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a great way to remove stubborn coatings and stains from surfaces.  As its name suggests, the process uses sand or other abrasives to clean surfaces.  We use a high-pressure stream of abrasive to:

We can use different grades of abrasive and multiple pressure streams to create different effects.  We can dry blast or wet blast (“Dustless™”) with one unit.


We can handle jobs of all sizes. Our trailer-mounted system holds enough water to wet blast for approximately 8 hours before needing to be refilled. We offer brush blasting, SP5/ NACE1, and other types of blasting.  

Tile Cleaning

Your swimming pool is one of your largest investments and requires maintenance just like your house and cars. Texas Eco Blasting LLC have the knowledge, equipment and skills to remove the calcium buildup at the water line, on water features and hot tub overflows so that it looks like one of your largest investments. We have a mobile media blasting system that uses a pet, people, plant and pool equipment safe media to clean the calcium and grime build up  – returning your pool to a pleasant, clean area for your family and friends. One FAQ is: “do you have to drain the pool?” , Answer: No. We only need to drop the water level a few inches below the tile to be cleaned. Once complete, simply fill the pool back to it’s normal level and jump in! The media is pH neutral and therefore requires no chemical adjustments beyond your normal maintenance once the cleaning is complete.




Hiring a mobile sandblasting company is the safest decision for your business.  Some companies use their own employees to handle sandblasting.  However, abrasive blasting is an art and a skill; doing it safely requires training and knowledge.  Hauling your equipment to another location is time-consuming and increases the risk of damage.

Hire Texas Eco Blasting LLC for your commercial sandblasting and save yourself time, money, and wear and tear on your equipment. You also have to worry about security and how they are handling your equipment.  With us, there is no need to hire a truck to take your project to someone else’s yard.   

We are also safer.  Having us sandblast your equipment is much lower risk than using a grinder or wire wheel. Grinding discs can break and impale the user or bystanders with flying debris. Wire wheels have wires that come off at high speed.  They can cause injury to the user and bystanders – by the wire puncturing the skin or eye if the employee or bystander is not wearing the proper PPE.  We follow the highest safety standards.  We take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others working in the vicinity. By taking the proper precautions and containment, we can safely wet blast within a matter of feet from other operations concurrently.

By saving you time, we save you money.  The best way to explain this is to tell you about a recent job.  We were able to blast 43 pallets of oil field tools in 36 hours. That saved the employer from bringing in temporary laborers or onboard part-time employees and training them. It would have taken two employees, 2 weeks+, working 40 hours a week with a wire wheel to handle what we cleaned in 36 hours!  The customer also saved on trucking costs.  Plus, the quick turnaround time meant that the tools were not out of commission for an extended time.  Finally, we wet blasted the tools, which kept the dust down.  That let us blast within a business complex setting.  Wet blasting protected other businesses, employees, and other instruments from the dust exposure of dry blasting.


Keep your equipment in top condition with regular sandblasting.  Professionally cleaning your equipment removes surface contaminants and debris.  That not only helps stop corrosion but also helps you spot any hidden corrosion or defects.  It should be part of the maintenance regime to protect your investment in heavy equipment.


Are you having problems getting surfaces around your home and yard clean?  Most of us tackle household cleaning projects with cleaners.  Some things don’t come off with soap and water. Things like efflorescence (the white stuff on the side of the house where the sprinklers hit the home), do not budge with traditional cleaning methods.  Some of the mold and grime on your bricks can be just as difficult to remove.  When chemicals and a power washer don’t touch it – that’s when you call us.  We bring in the big guns and sandblast it off.

Sandblasting is also an essential part of residential restoration.  What about the painted brick outside the house that the previous owners thought was magnificent in 1980? And the paint on top of that is a different color from the owners after them?  Sandblasting can remove them and restore your brick’s surfaces.

Sandblasting is a great option when you are dealing with multiple layers of paint.  Chemical stripping can be very time-consuming and messy. They can also release intolerable fumes.  Sandblasting makes short work of the same surfaces by emulsifying the paint.  Unlike strippers, abrasive blasting materials are eco-friendly.  You do not have to worry about plants, pets, or other family members coming in contact with toxic or noxious material.

We can sandblast most things metal to remove coatings like paint, powder coating, or rust. We can also sandblast wood items like log cabins, doors, cabinets, decks, and more.

Power Washing

Power washing involves using high-pressure water to clean hard surfaces.  It can be a safe and effective way to remove dirt, algea, mildew, and grime from buildings, vehicles, outdoor furniture, driveways, sidewalks, and more. 

There are a few things that differentiate us from other companies.  We use high-end commercial equipment that allows us to switch from cold to hot water or steam with the flip of a switch. Using hot water or steam is preferable when working with stains when combined with some cleaning chemicals. This helps the chemical work better and therefore requires less chemical to be used.

One pressure doesn’t work for all applications. We have the ability to adjust the pressure of the water on both our wand sprayers and large surface cleaners. Residential cement is different from commercial cement and stucco is different from brick, so you have to know what you are cleaning and what pressures is can take…and we do.


Sometimes sandblasting is overkill.  In those cases, we offer pressure washing with our commercial hot/cold/steam water unit. Routine pressure washing keeps your business looking inviting, protects your property, and keeps your property safe.

We handle mold and mildew removal.  In addition to being unsightly, molds and mildew can create a health hazard by increasing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and increasing allergy issues.  We can quickly and efficiently remove black mildew and green algae growing on the walkways, stairs, parking lots, and outer building walls.

Do you have graffiti problems? Graffiti can make even the best-maintained businesses and buildings look rundown and even dangerous.  Sandblasting is the easiest way to remove graffiti from most surfaces.  However, not all surfaces can handle abrasive blasting. Suppose you have graffiti on a surface that might not stand up to sandblasting. In that case, we can use pressure washing in conjunction with eco-friendly chemicals to safely remove it.

We are also an authorized F9 product application company for concrete restoration.  We can lessen and sometimes altogether remove the effects of rust stains, calcium build-up, and battery acid stains.  F9 is a safe, eco-friendly product that provides the results you want while still protecting the environment.

Residential Power Washing

Is your house clean?  While your first instinct may be yes, we bet the outside of your home has plenty of accumulated dirt, dust, pollen, algea, mildew, and grime.  Most outdoor surfaces in the Houston area do.  No worries.  We can clean driveways, sidewalks, patios, and a whole lot more!!

Keep your most significant investment looking the best it can by maintaining the exterior of your home. “Amazing.”  We hear that a lot from homeowners after we have finished cleaning their home’s exterior surfaces.  Dirt sneaks up on you.  It’s a gradual change from the clean, bright concrete when it was new to the dark, slippery – (sometimes green and slippery) you see today. The difference is night and day after we finish cleaning. 

You may have noticed white arcs on the side of your house or your fences.  If you have seen it, so have your neighbors and your HOA.  While it looks like dust, it is mineral staining from your sprinklers.  It may resist your efforts to blast it with the garden hose, but we can remove it.  Your exterior household stains are no match for our special equipment and our eco-friendly cleaners. 

See what your home can be.

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